1980-1996 4WD FORD BRONCO



4 1/2″ or 3″ Extended Dana 44 Beams

Price: $2750

Solo Motorsports now offers your choice of our legendary Dana 44 Long-Travel TTB beams that are extended 4 1/2″ or 3″ over stock.  1″ uniballs are built into the Dana 44 beam pivots along with reinforced 1″ uniball cups.  Both TTB beams receive full plating — top, bottom, front, and back.   The driver side beam incorporates a truss with a raised fill plug for increased strength.  Additional rear structural beam plating and gusseting strengthen the weak points of Dana 44 TTB beams.  Each beam is also Cut & Turned to allow for proper camber adjustment.   4340 chromoly axles are included.

Your driver’s side or long beam comes with a lower differential skid plate at no extra charge.  These beams can be complimented with our W-I-Y Coilover Conversion and 1.25″ Heimed Extended Radius Arms.  Combine with coilover shocks and the wheel travel numbers add up to 18 inches of 4wd wheel travel with a 35″ tire and 16-17″ with a 37″ tire depending on your tire choice.  Some inner plastic and AC box modifications requires along with hydraulic bumpstops.

There will be a $300 discount for customers that have unplated Cut & Turned Dana 44 beams.  However, Cut & Turned beam work must have been performed by Solo Motorsports.


  • Dana 44 TTB Beam Plate work (top, bottom, front, & rear) and all Gusset Beam work
  • Cut & Turned Dana 44 TTB Beam work for Camber
  • 1″ Uniball Beam Pivots & Machined Misalignments
  • Welded Differential Skid Plate on long beam
  • 4340 Chromoly Long & Short Extended Axles (New outer U-joints must be added to axles. Additional cost)



  • Q80 Deaver Leaf Springs, Bushings, & U-Bolts Designed for Broncos to compliment Cut & Turned or Long-Travel Setups $925
  • Q80/F53 Shackle Conversion required $425
  • Fully-Fabricated Dana 44 TTB Pivot Brackets & Grade 8 Hardware $340
  • W-I-Y Under-The-Bed Shock Mount Kit for 12″ shocks $425
  • W-I-Y Coilover Conversion to run 12″ Coilover shocks for 18″ of wheel travel $700
  • Refundable core charge of $350 or drop off your TTBs at our shop.  In shop cores “may ” require TTB beam pivot bushings

*$300 Core charge on beams.  Cores must be GOOD and free of excessive rust.  If you’re not sure, email us a picture of your beams before returning.  Received beams maybe rejected and will incur additional shipping charges if beams are returned to sender at sender’s request.


Big & Little Brother Bronco II hanging out in Baja


Entry-Level Dana 44  Cut & Turned Beam Kit

Solo Motorsports offers our Entry-Level Cut and Turned Beam Kit is the ideal entry level performance kit not only allowing lift but wheel travel numbers significantly over stock.  Dana 44 TTB Beams are modified to allow for proper camber alignment when installing 4″ coils.  Our 1.25” Heimed Extended Radius Arms bring the vehicle’s camber back to stock, which dramatically effects performance on and off road. The kit also comes with a set of Bilstein 5100 shocks mounted behind the coil. Also included is a set of stainless brake lines. From our years of experience when your front end is apart, this is a great time to evaluate your beam pivot bushings and gear work.  Also, changing the inner front differential driver’s side seal is a must to stop any future axle seal leaks. Run up to 35” tires without front fiberglass fenders with minimal issues gaining 13″ of wheel travel.  15″ of wheel travel can be attained simply by adding our Coilover Conversion with a 12″ stroke coilover shocks with Cut & Turned Dana 44 Beams.

Price: $1599

  • Dana 44 Cut & Turned TTB Beam Work
  • 4″ Coils
  • 1.25″ Heimed Extended Radius Arms with Pivot Brackets, Misalignments, & Grade 8 Hardware
  • 3-Pc Extended Brake Kit
  • Alignment Cams
  • Dropped Pitman Arm
  • Bilstein 5100 shocks behind the coils

* Rear 5100 Bilsteins shocks in stock tabs $210 pr

*Secondary Softer-Valved 5100 Bilstein shocks off front of Dana 44 beam, Tabs, and Grade 8 Hardware $250 (Welding required)

*$350 Core charge on beams.  Cores must be GOOD and free of excessive rust.  If you’re not sure, email us a picture of your beams before returning.  Received beams maybe rejected and will incur additional shipping charges if beams are returned to sender at sender’s request.


Coilover Conversion Package

Converting to coilover up front affords 15″ of wheel travel with an amazing ride control on and off road.  This kit includes all the necessary parts from our Entry-Level Kit minus the coils and 5100 Bilsteins along with our W-I-Y shock hoops that pick up factory holes for alignment before welding to the frame.  No fiberglass is required.  This is perfect for Bronco owners who pre-run or trail driving without the wider front end.  Again, a 12″ King/Fox is required with 90 degree fittings.




Check out this short video of two identically built but different Broncos of which both are equiped with the Solo Motorsports Coilover Conversions with 12″ King coilovers, Cut & Turned Dana 44 TTBs with 1 1/4″ Heimed Extended Radius Arms, Q80 Deavers, Solo Motorsports Q80 Shackle Conversion with Deaver Q80s, and 12″ King 3-Tube bypass shocks connected to our W-I-Y Under-The-Bed Shock Mounts  in action!!! (Make sure you hit your Browser’s Back Button to go back to Solo Motorsports website.)

Tearing it up again!!

Special thanks to our friends/customers of Solo Motorsports and Youtube.  Disclaimer: Driving your Bronco hard and jumping is a dangerous activity that could potentially result in injury to the occupants and/or your Bronco. Be careful!!


  • Dana 44 Cut & Turned TTB Beam Work
  • 1.25″ Heimed Extended Radius Arms with Pivot Brackets, Misalignments, & Grade 8 Hardware
  • 3-Pc Extended Brake Kit
  • Alignment Cams
  • Dropped Pitman Arm
  • W-I-Y Coilover Conversion Shock Hoops

PRICE: $2060 (12″ King/Fox coilover shocks at additional cost)

*  WIY Coilover Conversion with 3-Bolt Flange Tabs ONLY $700

*  WIY Coilover Conversion with Machined In-line Clamps ONLY $950


  • Additional 5100 Bilsteins & Lower Weld-on lower shock mounts to run in front of the coils add $270
  • Add W-I-Y Coilover Conversion to your Entry-Level Kit to run 12″ King/Fox Coilover shocks for 15″ of wheel travel $700+
  • Q80 Deaver Leaf Springs, Bushings, & U-Bolts Designed for Broncos with Cut & Turned or Long-Travel Setups $925
  • Q80/F53 Shackle Conversion required $425
  • Fully-Fabricated Dana 44 TTB Pivot Brackets & Grade 8 Hardware $325
  • W-I-Y Under-The-Bed Shock Mount Kit to run 12″ King/Fox shocks or 14″ 5100 Bilsteins $425
  • Package Q80 Deavers, Shackle Conversion, W-I-Y Under-The-Bed Upper shock mounts $1650


WIY Bronco Prerunner Cage

This Weld-It-Yourself Prerunner Cage features a Full Interior Cage of 1.75″ DOM with Roof Webbing and 1.25″ Corner Gussets.  Notching of the side of the dash along the factory A-pillar is required.  Cage sits on frame pontoons that locate on factory frame holes for assembly starting point.  Save time and money compared to a full custom cage price. Depending on you fabrication experience, install time with prep work, tube fitment, welding, and final plate work is estimated at around 20-26 hours.   Compare that to building a cage from scratch at 80+ hours.


Price: $3500                INTRODUCTORY PRICE $3000*



  • CNC Pre-Bent 1.75″ DOM Tubing
  • CNC Pre-Notched 1.75″ DOM Tubing
  • Laser Inscribed Part Numbers on Each Tube
  • Lower Pontoons Locate to Frame with Factory Holes
  • All Roof Lacing and Gussets

* Until initial supply is exhausted

** Cage shown installed at Solo Motorsports with all plate work as part of installation fee.

 Bronco/F150 Front Bumper with ABS Valance


 Picture Coming Soon





Solo Motorsports is now offering a Pre-Fabricated Front Bumper for ’92-’96 Ford Broncos and F150 trucks. All tubes are CNC bent out of 1 1/2″ and 2” DOM. The main tube is radius bent to closely contour the front sheet metal for a clean look. This bumper is finished off with an aluminum skid plate, pusher bar with a radius in it, and a ¼” ABS plastic valance. As of now, a direct bolt on is available for the ’92-’96 models with other years currently in the works.




 Cut & Turned TTBs Only

Sandblasted Dana 44 Cut & Turned

Price: $395

We offer Cut & Turned TTB beam work only for Dana 44 and 35.  TTBs are sandblasted.  There is a refundable core charge of $350 and beams are shippable. Having said that, we prefer your striped-down TTBs back for the core so we don’t have to replenish our stock by searching at the wrecking yard.

Refundable core charge of $350

*New pivot bushings maybe required.  We send out the TTBs with the best set of pivot bushings.

*Cores must be GOOD.  Minimal rust is okay but not excessive.  If you’re not sure, email us a pic of your beams before returning.


1.25″ Heimed Extended Radius Arms w/Pivots

Solo Motorsports offers our 1.25″ Heimed Extended Radius Arms compliment any Cut & Turned or 4.5” Long-Travel TTB Beams.  They are used with both Entry-Level Kit or W-I-Y Coilover Conversion setups.  Construction consists of  1.75” x.120 DOM seamless tubing and 1/4″ cold-rolled steel plating.  These arms come with massive 1.25” heim joints for strength and articulation.   Expect  13” of 4wd wheel travel with our Entry-Level Cut & Turned Beam Kit  and up 17″-19” of  4wd wheel travel with our 4.5″ Long-Travel Beams depending on tire size.






Price: $ 795


  • Extended Radius Arms DOM 1.75″x.120
  • 1.25″ Heims, Misalignments, & Jam Nuts
  • Pivot Boxes
  • Grade 8 Hardware

            W-I-Y Coilover Conversion Engine Cage 

Solo Motorsports has taken the guesswork out of converting your Bronco or F-150 to a coilover front suspension. Our coilover engine cage is 80% welded in our fixture before it leaves the shop. The other 20%  of welding that’s required is done by you.  This involves welding the frame plates to the frame and welding the lower shock mounts to the Dana 44 beams. Our engine cage is constructed of 1.5”x .120 DOM seamless tubing and fully MIG welded. Each leg of the coilover engine cage picks up one to three factory holes allowing for easy frame placement before welding. Each engine cage comes with a removable crossbar for necessary structural strength. The removable crossbar come standard with 3-bolt hole flanges and can be upgraded to machined inline clamps. Our coilover engine cage uses a 2.5” King coilover shock as the primary suspension. Additional shock tabs are available to mount a 2.5” smooth-body or bypass shock behind the coilover shock for extra suspension control. Combined with our Dana 44 Cut & Turned beams and a pair of our 1.25” Heimed Extended Radius Arms, expect 15” of wheel travel.  Running 35” tires without fiberglass fenders is not a problem. Keep in mind, this is a partially “weld-it-yourself” kit. This kit must be installed, suspension cycled, and welded correctly by someone with these skills as this product is a primary suspension component.

777 Bronco with Cut & Turned Plated Dana 44s




Price: $700

Engine Cage w/3-bolt flange tabbed crossbar/Grade 8 Hardware  $700 Basic Kit (Mig-Welded)
Engine Cage w/Machined Inline Clamps $250 Additional

*Shown with machined inline  clamps

*Engine Cage Only Installation $700 plus alignment



Q80/F53 Deaver Longer Shackle Conversion Kit

Solo Motorsports Longer Shackle Spring Conversion Kit will allow Bronco owners to run Q80 Deaver leaf springs. This works exceptionally well in desert and trail situations.  Q80 springs combined with longer shackles will allow for more suspension droop and articulation compared to the 3″ wide Bronco springs.  We provide 4 machined spacers to adapt the front spring hanger to accept the Q80 bushing design.  Our shackles come MIG welded and use high quality cold-rolled steel.  Depending on your driving needs, complimenting your rear suspension with our Bolt-on Rear Upper Shock-Mount Conversion Kit that’s under the bed will gain up 17″ of rear wheel travel with most any 12″ stroke 2.5/2.0″ Smooth-Body or Bypass shock.

Our Kit Includes: 1 pr Longer Shackles, 4 Delrin Bushing Halves, 2 Inner Bushing Sleeves, 4 Machined Leaf Spring Spacers to go from Bronco to F-150 Springs, 1 pr Shackle Pivot Relocation Mounts, and all Grade 8 Hardware.




Rear W-I-Y Under-The-Bed Upper Shock-Mount Kit: $425

*Allows to run 12″ stroke shock under the bed floor

Q80 Deaver Springs, Bushings, & U-Bolts Only $925

Discounted Package: Q80 Deaver Springs, Bushings, U-Bolts, and Shackle Conversoin Kit: $1300

Shackles Only: $250



W-I-Y Under-The-Bed Upper Shock Mounts for 12″ Stroke Shocks

Our W-I-Y Under-The-Bed Shock Mount allows you to run a quality shock for spring control without having to lose any interior bed space.  We provide you with two welded frame plates that pick up existing holes for easy mounting, a cross bar with shock tabs and all of the necessary hardware.  All you need to do is bolt the frame plates to the frame, slide the crossbar into place, and center and rotate crossbar into position before welding.  The factory lower shock mounts of the rear end are utilized.  Combine this with Deaver’s Q80 leaf springs and Solo Motorsports Shackle Conversion Kit and 17″ of rear wheel travel is possible. 14″ 5100 Bilsteins will work connecting to lower rear end shock tabs.

W-I-Y Kit: $425



Fully-Fabricated Dana 44 TTB Beam Pivot Brackets

Solo Motorsports offers TTB beam pivot brackets that bolt into the stock location.  This is a must for 4.5″ Extended Beams.  However, the original intent of this product was for the Bronco owners who have drop-down kits and want to convert to Cut & Turned setups.  If you don’t have your factory pivot brackets, getting the front pivot from the wrecking yard is easy — it unbolts; however, the rear pivot is rivoted to the frame and they want you to buy that frame section.  These Fully-Fabricated Pivot Brackets are the solution.  100% bolt-on with all Grade 8 hardware included.


Price: $340 pr

Dana 44 Differential Skid Plate

Dana 44 differential 1/4″ skid plate bolts directly to your beam protecting the front and bottom side of your TTB.  This is a must for trail and/or desert driving. Includes Grade 8 hardware for the skid plate.


1/4″ Skid Plate






PRICE: $130



4130 Chromoly Fully-Fabricated Shackle Frame Pivots

Solo Motorsports now offers 4130 Chromoly Fully-Fabricated Bronco Shackle Frame Pivots eliminating your stock shackle pivots and our L-bracket that’s part of our Deaver Q80 Shackle Conversion.  These fabricated brackets will allow a pair of Solo Motorsports longer shackles for more suspension droop without cutting into the bed floor.  This complements our WIY Under-The-Bed shock mounts.  All Grade 8 Hardware is included and picks up the 4 factory side holes that must be chased with a 1/2″ drill bit along with the bottom holes still need to be drilled to 1/2″.

Price $500 pr

Bronco Single-Swing Steering

Solo Motorsports now offers Single Swing Steering for TTB Bronco’s.  All heims, links, side plates, custom pitman arm, swinger parts are included.  System is tabbed for a 4″ RAM Assist off passenger’s side of frame to drag link.  This system minimizes bumpsteer associated with TTB’s. Upper-level fabrication experience is required for install.

Price $2500

(RAM or modified steering box not included)

Installation available